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Try this 5-move bodyweight workout from Certified Personal Trainer Michael Ashford

Michael Ashford


Hi! My name is Michael Ashford, I’m the founder of Fit Dad Fitness and a certified personal trainer, and today I’m going to take you through a 5-move body weight workout that you can do anywhere. I’m here at the park, but you can do it in your home, you can do it in your backyard – really anywhere that you’ve got your body and some open space to move.

For each move that I show you of these five, I’m going to show a regression, so I’m going to start with the standard move, then show you a regression, and you can do whichever move is best suited to you and your ability. And you can do as many rounds of this circuit as you’d like. I’d rest probably about 90 seconds to 2 minutes in between rounds, again depending on your skill level. So let’s get into it!

Move 1: 1 ½ rep bodyweight squats x 10 reps

Move 1 regression: Bodyweight squats x 10 reps

Move 2: Release push-ups x 10 reps

Move 2 regression: Push-ups (on knees if needed) x 10 reps

Move 3: Shoulder taps x 8 reps each side

Move 3 regression: Kneeling shoulder taps x 8 reps each side

Move 4: Flutter kicks x 20 reps each leg

Move 4 regression: Hands-over-knees crunches x 10 reps

Move 5: High-knee run x 20 seconds

Move 5 regression: Run in place x 20 seconds

I hope you enjoyed that workout. I want you to remember this – whenever you plan to work out, give yourself 10 minutes. Some days you may not feel like it, some days you may be really rearing to go, but give yourself 10 minutes every time, and if at the end of those 10 minutes you want to be done, hey, that’s great! You still did 10 minutes of working out and moving your body. But if you want to go further, even better! It’s up to you! But give me 10 minutes every day, and you’ve got the start of something great.