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Smiling headshot of ex pro athlete Amir Madison Amir Madison

5 mindfulness tips from former pro athlete, Amir Madison

Hi my name is Amir Madison, former pro football athlete turned yoga instructor, and the founder of YogiAthlete, and these are my five mindfulness tips that you can practice each day. 

Slow down, be present. 
Take a walk. 
Connect with nature. 
Become aware of your breath. Deep inhales through the nose. Controlled exhales through your nose. 
Develop a meditation practice. Find a quiet place. Establish a comfortable seat. 
Practice gratitude. Name 3 things you’re grateful for. 
Practice positive self-talk.  
“I am abundant”  
“I embody strength” 
The practice of mindfulness is a powerful tool. It’s essential in helping you reach your health and wellness goals.

When he was playing pro football, Amir Madison practiced yoga to improve his focus and reaction time. He then found so many ways that yoga and mindfulness improved his performance off the field.

Now, he's a personal trainer and yoga instructor, continuing to help people discover the real-world benefits of mindfulness. Watch this video as he shares his top five tips to help you slow down and be more mindful.

Try his tips each day and listen to your body. You'll see how quickly these exercises can strengthen your mental and physical balance and help you perform better in all areas of your life.